In 2015, Kevin Keys and I went to Corner Brook to put on a Wetland Classification and Delineation course.
Thanks go to Adam Anderson of Resource Innovations and to Jonathan Sharpe of the Newfoundland Department of Environment and Conservation.

Danielle and Megan with hydric soil

considering a swamp soil

lunch in the field

near Deer lake

sharp upland edge near Deer Lake

Last job for Mr. Big

Eriophorum viridi-carinatum, Cotton grass in a wet meadow

Black ash stream fen with sweet gale

marl–calcium carbonate–and buckbean (Menyanthes trifoliata)

grass-pink orchids

string fens

Carex michauxii in bog pool

assessing the bog/fen edge through long cores with Kevin Keys

“scent bottle”, Platanthera dilatata in fen

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